AirTags Help a Man Recover $7,000 in Stolen Items

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Since the AirTags was announced by Apple in 2021, the online space was pretty polarized about the small trackers. By horror stories to Police report studies, things didn’t go so smoothly with the little guy.

However, there are also success stories worth sharing. And mind you, human nature is such that we are much more concerned with remembering and sharing bad experiences than with anything good. So, AirTags might not be so bad after all.

The latest case with a positive outcome involving AirTags comes from Australia. Graham Tait, a Sydney resident and photographer, was robbed while on holiday in South Australia. Thieves broke into his car and stole a notebook, a Sony camera, a wallet, a GoPro and other valuables worth a total of more than $7,000.

“My car was broken into last night while we were traveling in the Flinders Ranges and they took a laptop bag and camera – both of which had AirTags on them.” Tait told 9 NewsBy a strange turn of events, the stolen property was tracked (using the attached AirTags) to a room in the same hotel where Mr. Tait at that time was staying. The police then intervened and arrested the perpetrators. The stolen goods were returned to Mr Tait shortly afterwards.

This isn’t the first time AirTags have been the superheroes of the story, either. In January, a double car theft was interrupted by an AirTag in Texas. While these success stories do exist (and there are probably many unreported ones), the intrinsic functionality of a smart tracker means it can and will be used to properly… track things.

Apple tried to rectify the situation with a whole series anti-tracking features, but hackers started selling “Silence” AirTags shortly afterwards, allowing stalking and other shady practices with the smart tracker.

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