Accuracy, battery issues prevented Face from unlocking from the Pixel 6 Pro

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As the story goes, last year Google was ready to release the Pixel 6 Pro with Face unlock pre-installed, but decided against it at the last minute. After the Pixel 6 series was released and negative comments about the laggy optical fingerprint scanner under the display started to circulate, Pixel 6 Pro users hoped that Google could push an implementation of face unlock.

The Pixel 6 Pro features a Sony image sensor that can generate depth maps needed for secure facial recognition

There was hope that Pixel 6 Pro users could get a facial recognition feature with the June quarterly release release. Even depth maps can be created using the Sony image sensor used on the Pixel 6 Pro allowing Google to add a secure face unlock feature to the Pixel 6 Pro via a simple software update. But alas, the quarterly feature drop from June came and went without any mention of a face unlock update.

So is that the end for Pixel 6 Pro users? With the Pixel 7 series probably less than four months away, is there any reason for those with the phone to hope that the smartphone gods will smile at them and deliver a facial recognition feature? According to 9to5GoogleIt seems that while Face Unlock has sailed ship for the Pixel 6 Pro, Google is reportedly still working on the biometric feature.
We hate to bring up a little bit of good news because it probably means nothing, but 9to5Google discovered a change in the Pixel 6 Feature Drop called “FACE_UNLOCK_BOOST – which would boost the performance of the phone’s CPU by one second when Face Unlock was active, most likely the Tensor chip is helping to provide the Face Recognition system with the power needed for Face Unlock to work.
While the Pixel 7 Pro may be released with facial recognition, the last bit of hope Pixel 6 Pro users can cling to is the hope that if Google releases the 2022 premium Pixel phone with facial recognition, the feature can still be added to the Pixel 6 Pro. Currently, however, concerns are that Google has caused the Pixel 6 Pro’s battery to drain too quickly due to face unlock and the less-than-stellar accuracy apparently seen during testing.

Hopes that the Pixel 6 Pro would get a facial recognition system probably never would have been higher if Google had used a better fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6 line. We’ve already seen the upcoming Pixel 6a fingerprint scanner in action, and it’s an improvement over the scanner on the more expensive Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. If you own one of the last two models, this should get you excited (I do and it does!).

Do this one simple thing and your Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint scanners may show some improvement

But here is a solution that is simple and may help a little. If you haven’t redone your fingerprints since the June quarterly feature was released, re-enter them. The June update is said to have improved the capabilities of the Pixel 6 series fingerprint sensor, and by entering your fingerprints from scratch, you’re more likely to take advantage of any improvements made by Google.

Go to SettingsSafetyUnlock fingerprint† You may want to remove two to three fingerprints and replace them with new settings. See if that helps.

What makes this whole thing worse is that the fingerprint scanner on the back of my Pixel 2 XL was about as perfect as it gets and others have said the same thing about the biometric reader on the Pixel 5(a). We understand that the scanner below the display looks cool and modern. But Google, if you’re going to fix something that isn’t broken, try to make it better, not worse.

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And while Google Pixel 6 Pro users may have lost all hope of seeing Face unlock appear on their phones, there’s still a tiny bit of hope that the release of the Pixel 7 series will result in an update coming to the Pixel 6 being pushed Pro. In the meantime, let us know if running your fingerprints again will improve your 2021 Pixel device.

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