A “swipe for split screen” feature could be coming to Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4

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Over the past few weeks, an endless series of alleged leaks has been unleashed surrounding the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Z folding devices.

From design changes, via technical specifications to technical innovations – it seems that nothing more is known about the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z-fold 4.

Apparently there is. Now the focus has shifted to the possible feature enhancements of the upcoming foldables. a new rumor raised via Twitter by prominent tech tipster IceUniverse speculates about possible changes to the split screen functionality of the Flip 4 and Fold 4.

Essentially, the leak claims that Samsung will introduce a “swipe for split screen” option for the new foldable devices. Further details remain limited for now, but given IceUniverse’s previous track record, there is good reason to believe in the credibility of the claim.

Until now, different iterations of the Fold and Flip had their own distinct ways of handling split-screen multitasking. The latest versions of the Z-series both have a multi-window option available, but the process to access it is somewhat cumbersome and involves a number of steps.

Therefore, this “swipe for split screen” feature provides users with an easy and straightforward way to properly utilize the screen space (especially on the Fold 4) to multitask efficiently.

Usually, most of the concerns about foldable devices revolve around hardware. This is only normal as the technology is quite new and we all remember the fiasco that was the launch of the first Samsung Galaxy Fold.

However, it should be noted that foldable devices have come a long way in terms of hardware. Admittedly, there is still room for improvement. But it makes sense that manufacturers will start thinking more about how users can get the most out of a foldable screen. Only then will the foldables really shine.

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