A new mysterious device from Google just received its FCC certification

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Google just gave us a new mystery to solve. A new device made by the tech giant just received FCC certification (via 9to5Google). However, the listing itself gives us almost no information about what this new gadget will be.

In the FCC database, the device is simply labeled ‘wireless device’. There is no product type or product name in the system. Yes, the certification also includes the model number, which is G28DR, but again this tells us nothing about the mysterious new wireless device from google.

According to the FCC listing, the new device comes with a 3.65V battery and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. But the certification doesn’t mention UWB, NFC or cellular connectivity, so the new Google device probably won’t be part of the Pixel lineup. We don’t expect it to be a new Pixel Buds either, as Google just released its new Pixel Buds Pro on the market. Plus, because the mystery device will have a built-in battery, it probably won’t be a new Chromecast device either. During testing, the new Google device was connected to a laptop via a USB cable, meaning it will most likely charge via a standard USB connection as well. The mysterious device could be a new addition to the Nest range, such as a new Nest Cam or a new Nest speaker with a built-in battery.

While we can only speculate at this point what G28DR actually is, there’s a good chance we’ll find out soon. When a device receives an FCC certificate, it usually means that the announcement date is approaching. So we think Google could announce its new wireless device at its hardware event in October.

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