A new leak indicates you may need to install a separate app for your Pixel Watch

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At this point, if you want to set up a Wear OS watch, you’ll need to download the Wear OS app from the Google Play Store. An exception are only those from Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, which requires you to use the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app. But now a new one Pixel Watch leak points out that Google’s very first smartwatch may also be an exception, and you’ll likely need to download a separate app to set up your Pixel Watch. In a teardown of the installation file for the latest version of the Google Play Services beta, the folks at 9to5Google managed to activate a settings page for a new service called “Smart Unlock”. Smart Unlock will likely debut with the Pixel Watch and will automatically unlock your Android phone as long as your smartwatch is unlocked, on your wrist, and close to your handset.

However, the page states that to set up your watch for Smart Unlock, you need to connect it to your phone via the Google Pixel Watch app. This part here shows that Google could indeed create a separate app for its Pixel Watch, which could be used to set up and manage the wearable in the same way that Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app does with the Galaxy Watch 4 series. .

Of course, there’s a chance that the Google Pixel Watch app could function as a companion app rather than a replacement for the Wear OS application. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what this Google Pixel Watch app is all about and what features it will offer. Unless there are other leaks related to this application, we think we’ll see more of it this fall when Google officially unveils its first-ever smartwatch.

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