A new blog-style page in the Google Store teaches you how to use your Pixel and more

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Apparently the online version of the Google Store has a new addition. No, this time it’s not a new Pixel phone or a new fashionable accessory. Interestingly enough, it is a blog page of sorts with various tips for using Big G’s products.

As noted by 9to5Googlethis new help page is called “Ideas + Info” and can be found at the bottom of the Google Store. It has a slick Material You-esque design and it even has a tagline that says, “Save time, stay connected and get the most out of your Google products. †

At the time of writing this story, Google’s new Ideas + Info page has a total of 10 pieces. For example, you can find an article in which some Pixel 6 features you probably didn’t know it had. There’s also a story that explains how you can use Google Assistant routines to make your home even smarter, and another that teaches you how to use your Pixel 6 camera to “take even better sunset photos.” has a section with short, useful and sometimes very funny videos. For example, it includes a video explaining how the second-generation Nest Hub’s Sleep Sensing feature works, as well as a clip showing funny cats, dogs, and even pig shots taken with Google’s Nest Cam. The Ideas + Info page also has a “#TeamPixel” section where you can view and upload beautiful photos taken with your Pixel phone.

The Ideas + Info page looks like a fresh and fun hub where Pixel loyalists end up hanging out.

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