200MP Galaxy S23 Ultra camera with larger pixels than on Samsung’s latest HP3 sensor

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The big Galaxy S23 Ultra Main Camera Sensor Mystery gets even more challenging as we claim it will have a sensor that Samsung doesn’t have in its database – ISOCCELL HP2 – whose specs will differ from the HP1 and HP3 it had already announced.

Galaxy S23 Ultra camera specifications to be expected

  • Main camera: 200MP Samsung ISOCELL HP2 sensor with a pixel size of 0.60 micron
  • 3x telephoto camera: 10MP, Sensor size: 1/3.52″; Pixel size: 1.12 μm
  • 10x periscope zoom camera: 10MP, Sensor size: 1/3.52″; Pixel size: 1.12 m
  • Ultrawide camera: 12MP sensor size: 1/2.55″; Pixel size: 1.4 m
That’s right, the leaky cat avatar believes that the mysterious Samsung ISOCELL HP2 sensor destined for the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a pixel size of 0.6 microns. That’s right between the ISOCELL HP1’s 0.64 microns and the HP3 is 0.56 microns, so it must be a new sensor indeed.

It won’t be the first time Samsung has sold an ultra-high-resolution sensor to other phone manufacturers for bragging rights, such as the latest 108MP and 200MP products, but will keep their custom version for themselves and the Galaxy S Ultra line for the last few generations.

For example, Xiaomi and Motorola were first with Samsung’s 108MP and 200MP sensors but only got the first generation, while when the time came for a Samsung high-end phone, the world’s largest phone maker released its flagships with an improved version of the same sensors. . Something similar may be in play for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but one thing seems certain: it will indeed feature a new high-resolution sensor, as initially rumored.

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