2 Reasons to pre-order the iPhone SE 3 & 4 Reasons to wait

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Apple has finally confirmed the all-new iPhone SE 3, and pre-orders begin later this week ahead of the official release date later this month.

After months and months of rumors, the iPhone SE 3 is official. Apple simply calls it the iPhone SE, and it serves as the company’s third-generation iPhone SE.

As expected, the device comes with plenty of upgrades, including 5G support, Apple’s A15 Bionic processor and an improved camera. It also has a 4.8-inch display, Touch ID and a design similar to the previous model.

It’s slightly more expensive than its predecessor, but the device still fits like the company’s budget model. Don’t forget that it should take the place of the iPhone mini model, which will probably be discontinued with the arrival of the iPhone 14 series this fall.

The iPhone SE 3 release date is set for March 18, but you can buy Apple’s new budget iPhone before that date. iPhone SE 3 pre-orders start Friday, March 11.

There are a number of good reasons to consider pre-ordering an iPhone SE 3. Pre-ordering ensures that you receive the desired model on time. You can also save some money through trade-in deals. On the other hand, there are also some reasons to skip an iPhone SE 3 pre-order.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the top reasons to pre-order an iPhone SE 3 and the best reasons to wait.

Pre-order if you want the iPhone SE 3 as soon as possible

If you’ve been waiting for a new iPhone SE and you’re sold on the upgrades Apple has made to its budget iPhone, you’ll want to place an order shortly after the pre-orders have started.

Supply chain issues still affect Apple. We might not see every iPhone SE 3 model sell out immediately, but we’ll likely see shipping times slip across the board as the pre-order period progresses.

If you’ve got your heart set on a particular color or very specific storage configuration, you may want to pre-order to make sure you get the delivery date.

If you pre-order iPhone SE 3 as soon as possible, you can expect your delivery on March 18th. If you wait, you may not get your phone until the end of March or April.

Remember that if you buy your iPhone SE 3 through Apple, shipping is free.

Pre-order if you want to save money

If you want to save some money on a new iPhone SE 3, consider pre-ordering

Apple and its partners will make trade-in offers to offset the cost of the iPhone SE 3. Those who are willing to trade in their current device for the new device can get a significant discount on the price. Apple says you can get $100 to $650 off when you trade in an iPhone 8 or newer.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that trade-in values ​​vary based on the condition of your current device. So if you have an older model or your phone is in bad shape you can expect a lot less in return.

Some of these trade-in offers will likely be promotional, meaning they won’t last forever. Be sure to look around before committing.

For more information about Apple’s trade-in program, check out his website

Wait for iPhone SE 3 reviews

The iPhone SE 3 looks like a great budget phone, but we won’t know for sure until it’s reviewed by critics and others.

iPhone SE 3 reviews probably won’t go live this week, putting a bit of pressure on those of you struggling with the decision to buy now or wait.

You can expect the first iPhone SE 3 reviews around the release date, but some of those reviews will likely be based on a few days of use rather than extended use.

Some of you may want to wait for lengthy feedback on the iPhone SE 3 before committing to the device.

Wait if you are not willing to buy

If you’re not willing to buy a new phone right now, you’ll have to wait until you are.

Before investing in a new iPhone, you’ll want to spend some time preparing your purchase. Needs will vary from person to person, but here are a few things we generally recommend.

You want to know exactly how much storage space you need. You don’t want too little and you don’t want to pay too much for storage. The iPhone SE 3 comes in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

You’ll also want to pick the right color (the iPhone SE 3 ships in midnight, starlight, and (PRODUCT)RED) and research your carrier and data plan to make sure you don’t need to make any changes.

You want to check out iPhone SE 3 alternatives like the iPhone SE2 iPhone 11 SeriesiPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XRiPhone XiPhone 8and iPhone 8 Plus

You’ll also want to research competitors outside of Apple’s ecosystem. We recommend that you take a look at the Galaxy S21 SeriesGalaxy S20 SeriesGoogle Pixel 5Google Pixel 4and others.

These steps may be easy for some of you, but it will take quite some time for others. In some cases it can take a week or more.

If you find yourself feeling uneasy and unprepared when iPhone SE 3 pre-orders begin, do yourself a favor and put away the credit card.

You should only pre-order the iPhone SE 3 if you are one hundred percent sure of the phone you are buying and the plan you are pairing with it.

Wait for the best iPhone SE 3 deals

The first batch of iPhone SE 3 deals requires a trade-in. And again, to get the best deal, the phone you trade in must be in pristine condition.

It usually takes a few weeks for retailers to offer immediate price reductions on new iPhone models. We probably won’t see the first real iPhone SE 3 deals for a few weeks, maybe even a few months.

The best iPhone SE 3 deals are likely to come later in the year around the time Apple launches the iPhone 14 and during the Christmas shopping season.

If you don’t have a phone to trade in and/or don’t want to pay full price for the iPhone SE 3, you’ll have to hold off pre-ordering and wait for the prices to drop.

If you’re worried about problems, wait

If you’re concerned about hardware or software issues, you may want to wait a few weeks before picking up Apple’s iPhone SE 3.

The iPhone SE 3 runs iOS 15 right out of the box. The company has made significant improvements to the software in the months since its release, but we were able to spot some issues after the release of the iPhone SE 3.

Apple will likely push some initial fix updates to the iPhone SE 3, so you might want to hold off and wait for the company to iron out these bugs.

New iPhones sometimes debut with hardware issues as well. We don’t expect widespread “gate” issues, but there’s always a chance we’ll see an issue that affects more than just a few users.

If you’re concerned, you might want to wait and see what kind of issues early adopters face.

4 reasons not to install iOS 15.4.1 and 11 reasons why you should

Install iOS 15.4.1 for better security

Install iOS 15.4.1 for better security

If security is important to you, then you should definitely consider installing Apple’s iOS 15.4.1 update right away.

iOS 15.4.1 has one new security patch on board and you can read more about it on Apple’s website† It helps protect your phone from damage.

If you missed the iOS 15.4 update, it had a whopping 36 new security patches on board. To learn more about these patches, visit: Apple’s security site for the details

If you missed iOS 15.3.1, it had one security patch on board. For more information, visit Apple’s security page

If you missed iOS 15.3, you will also get the corresponding patches with your upgrade. iOS 15.3 brought 10 new security patches for iPhone users. If you are interested in the details, you can read more about it here

If you missed iOS 15.2.1, you will get the security patch with your upgrade. More information about the switch can be found at Apple’s website

If you missed Apple’s iOS 15.2 update, you’ll get the 30+ security patches with your upgrade. You can read all about it on the company security site

iOS 15.2 also included some significant privacy upgrades. The software brought the company’s app privacy report to Settings. This lets you see how many times your apps accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts, and more in the past seven days. You can also see their network activity.

In addition, iOS 15.2 Apple’s communications security features for children. You’ll find these features in the Messages app, Siri, Spotlight, and Search.

If you missed iOS 15.1, iOS 15.4.1 will bring the security patches to your iPhone. You can read more about it at Apple’s website

If you missed iOS 15.0.2, you will also get the security patch with your upgrade. You can learn more about it here

iOS 15.0 also brought numerous security patches to your iPhone. If you’re moving from iOS 14 and you’re interested in the exact nature of these improvements, you can read more about them at Apple’s security website

Apple has updated its website with new information about iOS 15’s suite of security patches. The company now says the software has fixed an issue that could have exposed a user’s personal Apple ID information and in-app search history. It also states that iOS 15 has fixed an issue that allowed apps to override privacy preferences.

If you skipped iOS 14.8 or an older version of iOS, you will also receive the security patches from those updates with your iOS 15.4.1 update.

In addition to these patches, iOS 15 comes with some security and privacy upgrades, including improvements to Siri. Requests to Siri are now processed on the device itself with Neural Engine. This makes it safer.

If you are an Apple Card user, you now get a security code that changes regularly to use when making online transactions.

Apple has also added a built-in authenticator similar to Google Authenticator. Allows you to generate verification codes for enhanced login security under your passwords.

There is also a Mail feature that hides your IP address.

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